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The Ultimate Branding Guide For 2022: The DO’s And Don’ts

Brands must evolve and change with changing time and branding companies in Mumbai help brands transition with changing trends and environments.

Well, your brand identity must always be set in stone but brand interaction must remain fluid. It must be dynamic to customer perspectives and trends.

This blog is your ultimate branding guide for 2022.

PODS has created a list of branding DO’s and Don’ts which all brands must religiously abide by!

The Branding Do’s

1. Diversity = Equality

Being diverse is being equal. Brands must not forget this. We are a world full of diverse humans and your audience is bored watching a single representation of humanity in branding. We all must be celebrated and your branding campaigns must reflect diversity in terms of colour, caste, sex, abilities, cultures. Celebrate the human diversity in your campaigns. This represents how progressive and diverse your brand and its products are. Include people of different genders, castes, abilities in your brand photos, illustrations, website, etc. Include different body types and age groups, races in your social media branding for diversity. Focus on inclusive business practices related to people of different genders, physical abilities.

2. Embrace Imperfect Branding

The current branding demands you to be imperfect. Imperfect branding campaigns are an ideal way of elevating your brand in 2022. People are tired of interacting with perfect brand campaigns that display perfectly curated and photoshopped images. Infact around 51% of customers feel that modern businesses lack authentic content. 90% consumers desire authentic content. So the key is to be imperfect and authentic. Your branding campaigns must not always represent perfect relationships or ideal situations. It must communicate how your customers will use your brand products/services in real-life scenarios. That’s the key to attract your ideal consumers. Brands are now turning on using images that are not highly photoshopped and display reality.

They are including “real humans” in their campaigns. This involves showing skin wrinkles, stretch marks and other skin imperfections. It involves showing real people using the brand’s offerings in their daily lives.

3. Include User Generated Content

User generated content involves content created by users and not brands and it surely is the future of branding. A majority of online users trust and prefer user generated content over the usual brand shared content. This is obvious as your customers are your biggest brand ambassadors. And with user generated content you can involve them in your branding strategies.

Big and small brands are rapidly picking on this trend and filling their social media channels with reviews and brand photos taken by their customers. This increases brand authenticity. This trend also involves posting & sharing product review videos shot by customers, customer testimonials and any customer -related appreciation content.

Creating custom hashtags which your customers can incorporate in their posts or stories is a great way of promoting user generated content. Using custom hashtags makes it easier to repost images and posts from your brand accounts.

The Branding Don’ts

1. Stick To Standard Messages

Being typical = being boring. This is the ultimate branding lesson to learn in 2022. Your brand strategy must be different from your competitors. Brand differentiation has become a problem today. Every brand quickly utilizes the current trends or social happenings into their campaigns. This makes branding boring and monotonous. You don’t want to bore your customers by repeating similar brand messages that your competitors preach. Be different and unique. Your brand must resonate that. Craft a memorable brand message which makes you an unforgettable and relevant brand.

2. Avoid Planning Ahead

The pandemic resulted in brands executing only pandemic-oriented campaigns or strategies for increasing brand awareness. But, branding should always look into the future and not be stuck in the present. 

Your brand must think big and think about the future!

Brands must visualize the post pandemic market . They must know the mentality of their customers along with their strategies to adjust and emerge in the new environment. Preparing for the future helps brands create a game plan for managing themselves during the crisis. Although this sounds tricky, it is worth it!

3. Ignore Your Customers

Ignoring your customers is a big NO!

A good brand knows the importance of customer analysis and goes above and beyond for comprehending their customers. All brand consultants in Mumbai have one common goal: Winning customers’ desire and attention!

There are multiple ways of knowing your customers. Ask for their feedback, post product/service related questions on social media, analyze customer reviews, track customer behaviour. Ignoring customers will only lead to the downfall of your brand.

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