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Maintenance of Sunrooms

The primary purpose of installing sunrooms in your house is to let the warm heat of the sun come into the room. When the room temperature control doesn’t do the job good enough, the sunroom helps you to get warm. If the sunroom windows are covered with dirt, the sunlight wouldn’t pass properly, defeating the main purpose. You should keep some tips and tricks in mind to maintain the sunrooms in hammondville so they can continue to serve you all year round. 


When the windows are looking a bit cloudy, you should immediately clean the dirt on them. With frames, it’s harder to tell when they are dirty so they should be cleaned every once in a while. Comprehensive cleaning should be done in the early spring as the weather is not very warm. It is important to remember that you try your best not to clean in sunny days as it destroys the purpose. Clean them when it’s cool and cloudy.

Dirt and dampness on this furniture can lead to excessive damage when the winter season kicks in. Moulds are formed and spread very quickly. It is thus recommended to clean them often and also while storing them. Just a simple dish cleanser and water liquid will be enough to clean these items as they are made of plastic, iron, etc. 

The abrasive cleaners should not be used on this furniture as it is very sensitive. Vinyl will cause scratches and anything with chlorine or ammonia will damage it more. Power washers are also considered to be harmful and thus only a soft-bristled brush must be used for removing the stubborn stains.

Covering the Furniture

If you are about to put away the furniture somewhere, it is recommended to get the covers for additional security. These would lessen the dirt on furniture to a huge extent and save it from damage. You can cover them with any big cloth or the specific furniture spreads that you can get online and delivered to your home in hammondville and other parts of NSW. 

Avoid Putting Weights

When you are cleaning the outside part of the sunrooms, do not lean a ladder against any wall or window. It can cause harm. Try other alternatives if it’s too high for you to clean. 

Sunrooms often have glass on sides and ceilings as well. Even if there is no glass on the ceiling, you should not get on the roof. It may not seem so but it can be extremely dangerous.

Surrounding Landscaping

Trees and plants outside the sunrooms are harmful to the exterior part. These should be maintained properly so they do not interfere with the sunroom. Leaves can clog the gutters, branches can cause gashes to the roof and windows can be stained.

Look for Leaks

You need to make a timely check every now and then to ensure there are no leaks. Even a small leak can let moisture come into the sunroom and it will cause mould. If a leak is noticed, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Additional Maintenance

As sunrooms differ from each other, all of them need different materials. When you contact someone for installing a sunroom in your house, you should ask them for any additional maintenance tips for additional security.