frameless shower screens

Why You Should Opt For Frameless Shower Screens?

Frameless shower screens began to be used relatively recently, but they quickly gained popularity. The constructions have practically no shortcomings, and numerous advantages are convincing, today, most homeowners want to install just such partitions in their bathrooms. They completely solve the problem of the wet floor, which is unsafe to walk on. Also, with their help, you can perform practical zoning without loss of usable area. Frameless shower screens in Sydney have long been an integral part of a comfortable and convenient way of life. This is a unique piece that helps create an impeccably elegant design for a bathroom or dressing room. Of particular popularity today are frameless shower screens, which save space in the bathroom, as well as give visual airiness and sophistication.

Shower screens do not require special care and treatment; wipe them quite a few times a month. You can decorate the screens and doors of your shower room in different ways. Someone will use a simple “foggy” matting; someone will choose an intricate multi-colour pattern; someone will want to make an engraving on the door leaves. Accessories also have a variety of styles and colours.

There are several situations when shower screens for the bathroom become relevant. Either if it is necessary to install stationary showers, or when dividing the rooms into several parts. At the same time, everyone wants to visually not become smaller. In any case, partitions on a glass base will be the best solution not only in terms of functionality but also in appearance.

Advantages of the frameless shower screens:

Flexibility, the ability to make the shower screens with any configuration. Glass seems durable and stable. In fact, in the manufacture of it is easy to bend in various directions. It is enough to provide the desired degree of heating. It is impossible to achieve such a result at home, which cannot be said about production.

Practicality. Seams are the most problematic place in the structures covered with tiles. And frameless shower screens do not cause problems while cleaning.

High reliability. Glass seems to be of a fragile foundation. But this is not so; durability will pleasantly surprise you. The product is made of tempered glass, which has always been known for precisely this indicator, it is a high level. For protection, manufacturers use special films. They are needed so that fragments flying around during the destruction of the material do not harm us. The room retains visible integrity. Due to transparency, Glass does not change the way people perceive space with vision.

Frameless shower screens made of aluminium profiles are always at the peak of popularity. Corrosion-resistant aluminium is perfect for the bathroom, and the unique design of the screens is easy to operate and install.

This is not just a fantastic solution for the element of completeness of your design, but above all, elegance combined with reliability and confidence in the right choice. The uniqueness of frameless shower screens available in Sydney is that the external facade is made of a high-quality laminated finish.