Calacatta stone benchtop

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When it comes to your kitchen design, once you have finalized its shape, the next thing that you worry about is the material that you ought to choose for your benchtops. The options are many, from the Calacatta stone benchtop to the Carrara stones and many others. But the challenge is how to choose something that looks great and is durable at the same time.

If you are in two minds, you can blindly opt for the Calacatta ones, they shall not disappoint you. However, it is important to understand the Calacatta stone benchtop before you install them in your kitchen.

What are Calacatta Marbles?

Despite there being a wide variety of marbles available in the market, the Calacatta marbles are highly sought after. There are many reasons as to why these marbles are more preferred. The most important reason is that the marbles have been used in some of the most famous buildings, castles, and cathedrals of the world. Besides, Calacatta marbles are whiter than most of the other marbles available. Hence, imagine a pristine white Calacatta stone benchtop in your kitchen. It shall surely enhance the aesthetic element of your kitchen.

To be precise, Calacatta marbles are largely preferred by homeowners and contractors due to their high-end luxury quotient. The specialty of these marbles is undoubtedly their deep white colour and the elegant veins that come in a plethora of colours. You can imagine anything from beige to real gold when it comes to the colour of the veins. The origin of Calacatta marbles is Italy.

Why use Calacatta Marbles as your kitchen benchtops?

You must be wondering why people still prefer Calacatta stone benchtops despite their high cost. Let’s explore some of the many advantages of this particular stone.


One cannot deny its appealing white colour. It is the richness of the white and the prominent gold veins that make homeowners and contractors come back to this stone time and again. On the other hand, the Carrara marbles have softer veins and cannot match the dramatic veins of the Calacatta ones. The variety of vein colours are an additional advantage in the case of the Calacatta benchtops. It definitely adds to the spick-and-span look of your kitchen. However, when you are using these marbles as countertops you need to be a little more careful since they are porous and more sensitive.


When you get to know about the cost of Calacatta stone benchtops initially you may feel surprised but if you dive deep you will soon realize that it is a timeless beauty and has value for money. It is indeed true that at the first go you may have to spend a higher amount but the elegance that the stone lends to your home décor is unmatched. The best part of Calacatta marbles is that they can fit with most of the home decors that you find around. Moreover, since such a kind of marble belongs to the premium quality chances are high that your home becomes the cynosure of all eyes. At the same time, Calacatta marbles are known for their durability as well. Thus, once you install benchtops made of Calacatta marble in your kitchen you need not worry about replacing them every now and then.

Unique Look

What is the USP of Calacatta marble? The answer is its distinctive bold veining. Unlike the soft veins of Carrara marble, the hallmark of calacatta marbles is the fewer veins. However, these marbles have a global appeal due to their pristine white colour, soothing background, colour tone, and veining. In case you are thinking about using Calacatta marbles in your home you should keep in mind that the whiter the marble, the more expensive is the stone. Another added advantage of these marbles is that their veins are more suited for installations which might be troublesome with other kinds of marble. Some of the most prominent types of Calacatta marble include Calacatta classic, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Splendor, Calacatta Gold Premium, and many more.

To sum up, when you have decided to use Calacatta marbles for your kitchen benchtop you should ensure that you get them from reliable suppliers. The reason is you may get duped and end up purchasing some other stone type at the price of Calacatta marbles.