Why Is Line Marking Mandatory?

Line-marking is a technique where specialists draw lines either on roads, parking areas, sports areas, and also on playgrounds. Line marking on roads is designed to regulate the movement of drivers and pedestrians on all highways and also to ensure uninterrupted operation of road transport. This issue has become especially relevant recently when the number of vehicles on the roads has increased significantly, and it became necessary to apply this technique. The Cost of line marking is not very huge. It is better to prevent accidents and pay high. 

Where can line-markings be applied?

As a rule, markings are applied to streamline traffic on city streets and highways. Also, this component of the organization of safe traffic is used at gas stations and parking lots. Today, any shopping centre or supermarket has its parking lot, which must be marked accordingly. It is worth noting that the line marking near shopping centres and supermarkets is carried out by special organizations that provide these services for the roadway. State road services usually do not offer such services. 

Advantages of using line markings

The need to use line markings in car parks is due to the desire to ensure a high level of traffic safety in parking areas. The layout of the parking lots provides visual orientation for drivers in the dark and in other road conditions. Thanks to the marking of the parking space, drivers can park their vehicles safely. In the absence of line markings, chaos and disorder may occur at the parking lot. It is also necessary to indicate parking spaces in the parking lot.

Typically, parking lots are marked with paint. Line marking has a low cost, and this is the main advantage of these techniques. Besides, complex marking elements can be applied with paint. 

Therefore, very often, the line marking is carried out using thermoplastic or cold plastic. Thermoplastic markings can be used for two years and are highly resistant to gasoline, water, and temperature extremes. Cold plastic is considered the most durable material for marking the roadway. The service life of such markings reaches three years. This material can withstand various climatic conditions. The application of cold plastic on the road surface does not require special weather conditions.

Marking lines are permanent means of controlling traffic. The lines can be white, yellow lines, arrows, words, and letters on the carriageway of streets and roads. These line-markings help to navigate in traffic correctly and thereby ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Markings on the carriageway of streets and roads, at intersections and squares, are applied with paint, which provides excellent visibility and long-term safety of the markings. The marking indicates the places where pedestrians cross the street (road), the location of vehicles in rows on the carriageway, determines the waiting areas for trams, trolleybuses, and buses directs the flows of cars, indicates where they stop when prohibited by traffic signals and traffic controllers, etc.

It is better to spend on making people safe instead of basing so much online marking costs. Whichever the price, it is worth it.