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Know About Different Kinds Of Cheap Bathtubs

Most of us like a long bath because of its look and comfort. Selecting the correct bathtub is very important because it impacts the usage. There are plenty of options available. There are various factors to be considered while purchasing the bathtub. The bathing experience is decided based on the type of bathtub used. In this article let us discuss different types of bathtub based on the experience and installation process. No matter you are looking for cheap free standing bathtubs or traditional tubs, this article will be very helpful in selecting the best bathtub which suits your personal needs. 

Different kinds of cheap bathtubs online

Standard tub:

The Standard tub is one of the common and cheap bathtubs easily available. It doesn’t have extra features on it. It is available in only one size. The standard size of the tub is 5 feet long, the width of the tub is 30” and the height of the standard tub is 14”. If you are replacing the old bathtub with the new one then the standard bathtub is the perfect choice because of the standard size. The installation process that can be done in this bath type is a drop-in, freestanding and alcove. The cost of a standard bathtub is affordable for all range of people. The average price of a standard tub is $200 to $500. It is the basic type with an easy installation process. 

Soaking tubs:

The height of the soaking tub is more when compared with the standard tub. It will get a full soaking experience in it. It is also available in different length and width for easy installation. They are a little more expensive than the standard tub type. The starting price of the soaking tub is $300 and based on the features the price of the tub increases. They are also available for a reasonable price.

Whirlpool tubs:

The special feature of the whirlpool tub is the jets. They are fitted near to the spot where the major muscle portion of the person lies in the tub. The force from the jet will create a massage experience for the users. It will reduce the pains and aches and also you feel relaxed during the bath. It is best suited for a person with joints and muscle pain. The price of the whirlpool tub is very high when compared with soaking and standard type tub. The starting price of the whirlpool tub is $700 and the average price is $1000. 

Air tubs: 

Both air tub and whirlpool tub are similar. Instead of shooting water from the jets they shoot air from the positioned jets. Users can feel relaxed and comfortable. The air tub is a little more expensive than the whirlpool type. The starting price of the air tub is $800 but most of the air tubs will cost between $1000 and $2000. 

Combination tubs:

In this type, you will get a full soaking experience and both water jet and air jet technology are also present. You can different options based on your needs. It is fully customizable. It is very expensive since it has multiple features.