glossy white coffee table

Tips To Avoid Typical Coffee Table Buying Mistakes

The best way to make your excellent meal experience linger for long is by gathering around your newly purchased glossy white coffee table. However, you will garner praise for your living area and your coffee table only if the said piece of furniture is in sync with your living space.

Choosing an eye-catching coffee table might seem to be an easy job when you initially think of it. Imagine that you have walked into a furniture store and select your favourite coffee table on display. But finally, when you place it in your living room, the entire décor is wasted. To avoid such mistakes, several points are there that needs consideration while buying a coffee table.

Here are a few handy tips to help you make a more informed decision while making a purchase. Read on to find out.

Examine your needs

Some people use their coffee table for eating snacks and midnight munchies. Some others use it to keep the remote, magazines and few other unimportant items. So, before you proceed to buy a brand new glossy white coffee table, make sure about your need. The table you choose must have enough space to satisfy your needs.

Consider the height

For a coffee table, nothing can be more awkward that is too low or too high compared to your sofa. So, make sure you measure the height of the couch. A perfect coffee table would be of the same height as that of the sofa. A few inches lower will also do. However, you should never consider buying a coffee table that is higher than the seat of the sofa. That might offer a clumsy appearance to your living area.

Keep the size in mind

Keep in mind that the sofa in the living room is the belle of the ball. So, the coffee table you put in front of it should never be bigger than the size of the sofa. The maximum size of your coffee table should be two-thirds of the width of the couch. A smaller table is better than the one that is too bigger. Make sure that the path to your sofa needs to be broad. Moreover, the person sitting on the sofa should be able to reach the table to pick up the magazine or coffee mug easily.

Now comes the shape

Are you confused about whether to buy a rectangular, square, symmetrical, oval or round table? Are you thinking of two tiers, wheels or a removable tray? Do you love a sculptural piece or something distinct? You will get every answer clearly if you consider the size, style, and shape of your sofa. The interior decoration also plays a vital role in your decision-making process. You should also take a note of your carpet.

No matter you buy a glossy white coffee table or a slate coloured one, you need to keep the above points in mind.  Don’t forget that a proper coffee table will complete the look of your living area. So, make sure you buy the perfect partner for your sofa.