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Roof Anchor Points And Its Installation

The roof anchor points are installed at the roof area and they are mainly used to join a connection between the lanyards or can say lifelines that act as a tie between the life and safety of the worker at the site, it also saves the worker from falling while working at the site.

The roof anchor system is simple as well as complex at the same time, but it all depends on the understanding of the user and also on the roof anchor point structure.

Roof anchor points play a very crucial role in the fall protection system of the worker at the site, they act as safeguards for the workers who are risking their lives at the site for work and hence it’s very important that you use the best roof anchor point.

For any kind of roof anchor point it’s very important that it is adequate and dependable in nature, but it’s not necessary that  all the roof anchor points are made in the same shape and structure and they might meet your expectations, they may or may not meet your level of expectation in all the situations. Hence it’s very important that you have the right kind of roof anchor point in order to avoid any type of future risk at the worksite.

When the workers are working at the site the chances of falling from the roof is quite high, there are so many factors like the uneven surface area and the hard pitch area that makes it riskier to work on the site. There are chances of high injury and sometimes even death of the workers, hence the right type of installation of roof anchor points is a must.

The Roof anchor points at the sites need to be installed in such a way that it follows the guidelines of safety and it also has space between two points of anchors. This kind of spacing needs to be followed in roof access hatch also. There are two methods of attaching the anchor points like one is for metal roof and other is for the tiled roof.

The metal roof point has a different installation process like it gets installed by pre-drilling and needs to have space between the anchor points, along with strong and secure rivets so that they can easily fit on the corrugated sheets.

The other one is the tiled roof anchor point installation, this method we need to place a tile on the rafter and then the rafter is removed by screwing the anchor points measuring proper heights, this helps proper fitting between the two tiles, later the tile is placed into the right position or original position.

The installation of the roof anchor points plays a very vital role on the safety of the workers so that there is no causality at the site while working and workers also feel safe and have no stress of working at heights.

Ensuring that roof anchor point installation is done right is the duty of the on-site manager.