Playing With Vanity Ideas During Bathroom Renovations North Sydney

Choosing a bathroom vanity without shuffling the options is the biggest mistake as you may choose something that may not align with the bathroom design. For instance, if you have enough space in the bathroom, there is no dearth of vanity options. However, you may face plenty of hurdles if you have to fit in the vanities within a constrained space. The first step is to choose the dimensions of your bathroom. When measuring the height, you must remember that the mirror is to be installed above the vanity or you may have to bend your body to check yourself in the mirror. On the whole, you may get the opportunity to play with different ideas of bathroom vanity, but do not choose those options that make the bathroom appear out of the place.

1. Using the vanity :

A majority of homeowners are keen to install vanities in the bathroom, but fail to consider who are going to use those vanities. For instance, if people in the house need to use the sink at the same time in the morning, it is good to look for an option of double sink. On the other hand, if you need space in the bathroom to do your hair and makeup, you will require more space in the counter and adequate storage space for the makeup items to fit properly. When it comes to bathroom renovations north Sydney, you have to discuss your ideas with a contractor for proper implementation.

2. Checking the plumbing :

Plumbing is one of the aspects that is going to determine the place where you may install the bathroom vanities. For changing the plumbing, you have to spend time and money and the style of vanity you choose also depends on the layout of plumbing. For wall-mounted vanity, you may need to move the hookups of plumbing for the sink. However, it is not impossible to remove the layout during bathroom renovations north Sydney and the only thing you need is a proper budget for the entire project. If you are keen to work with the existing layout of plumbing, it becomes easy to narrow down the vanity styles.

3. Storage you want :

The major advantage of bathroom vanity is the storage option you create and get a place where you can put your things.  Instead of getting excited with the storage options, you have to look into the space and size of the bathroom at first. If you have constricted space inside the bathroom, you may have to compromise some of your thoughts to make it more spacious with three columns of drawers. However, you can always mix and match the ideas to make it your way.

4. Style of sink :

You may have spent a lot of time to determine the kind of taps and faucet you want, but that is only one aspects of the sink. Apart from this, you must spend time to choose a bowl that impacts the utility. With so many styles, confusion is bound to arise. Remember that the sink can take a lot of space in the counter, but the style you choose can reduce the counter space greatly.