What You Need For A Modern Rustic Home?

Modern rustic is one of the terms we hear often these days. Everyone wants a home with modern amenities along with modern charm and warmth. The modern rustic houses tend to have a different character altogether, making them stand apart from the rest. So, how do you turn your home into a modern rustic one? Rustic furniture is just one part of it. There’s a lot more to these kinds of homes than just rustic furniture.

Open floor plan, a mix of furniture- modern and rustic and exposed natural architecture is the key to creating modern rustic houses. The colour scheme is often simple and windows are often life-like. The best part about these homes is that they come with informal elegance, are comfortable and has the top modern amenities. Here are a few characteristics of a modern rustic home.

  • Stone and Raw Wood

One of the most important features of a modern rustic home isn’t its rustic furniture. It is the fact that the people fond of this style wants to bring the natural elements, nature, inside. If you have an old home, you can easily convert it into a modern rustic home. Just show off those stone walls and wood ceilings. If you are building a new home, add a stone fireplace, expose the beams or use reclaimed woods. And have your ceilings show off those big beams or get them done in wood covered cathedral style.

  • Natural Fabrics

The appeal of the modern rustic home lies in the natural touch and simple look. Use simple fabrics without prints. Keep your rustic furniture neutral. Linen throw pillows, hides, sisal, jute will be your best friends in decorating your modern rustic home. Cowhides and sheepskin furniture will not only make your home look cozy but will also last longer since they don’t stain easily.

  • Large Windows

Apart from the natural touch and rustic furniture, staying close to nature is another appealing characteristic of this kind of house. Not only large windows keep you closer to nature, but it also makes your house full of light and fresh air. Large windows are a trademark of modern rustic homes.

  • Modern Amenities

Having a modern rustic home means you can have both modern and rustic furniture along with other modern amenities. Make your home hi-tech, have a modular kitchen with top-in-the-class equipment. Fix your home with smart products. The look has to be rustic but you can go to modern comforts.

  • Natural Colors

Subdued colours are a vital part of modern rustic homes. If your walls aren’t covered with stones or woods,   them in a white or similar shade. No matter how much you love bright colours and designs, they simply don’t belong in this kind of setting.

  • Fireplace

You have the mix of modern and rustic furniture, you have large windows and natural elements are exposed, you have done everything right. And yet, the look of your home will be incomplete without a fireplace. You can have either the rustic or a modern fireplace, but you must have one to complete the entire cozy look of your home.

So, are you all set to have a modern rustic home?