Some Details about Various Piercings You Can Get

Do you wish to stand out in the crowd of people for your distinct appearance? You can do that with piercing. Well, it’s not only about showing off others, but piercing in private organs are quite self-satisfactory too. It gives you a unique personality trait that stays with you until and unless you detach the piece of jewellery from your body.

So, exactly where do you want to get the piercing done? Somewhere you can show off proudly or in any of the private body parts? Before you proceed any further to search a trusted place for piercing in Mumbai, here are the various types of piercing you should know about. Take a look.

  • Ear Piercing

The most common and popular choice among the youth is, of course, ear piercing. Don’t settle for that only. As you ask the experts of the best piercing shop in Mumbai, you will come to know that there are at least 10-11 variations in the ear piercing itself! The name varies depending on the position of the stud pierced.

Some of the variations among ear piercing are Antitragus piercing, Helix piercing, Conch piercing, Daith piercing, Earlobe piercing, Orbital piercing, Industrial piercing, Rook piercing, snug piercing and a lot more.

  • Navel Piercing

Another common type of piercing that people, especially women, are fascinated with is navel piercing. It is commonly known as belly button piercing.

Well, to clear out the misconception here, the process of navel piercing in Mumbai is not something where your belly button is actually pierced through. It’s just the rim of the navel where the jewellery sits. Usually, it goes from the top rim to the down up to the belly button cavity. You can get the piercing done in any side of the navel rim.

  • Genital Piercing

This is not something that everybody is keen on doing. First of all, both men and women who are interested in this sort of piercing must be of or over the age of 18 at least. Again, there are different variations in genital piercing too. There are Venus piercing, Clitoral piercing, Fourchette piercing, Inner and Outer labia piercing, HCH piercing, Triangle piercing and a lot more.

For men, the names of the piercing types are undoubtedly different. You can check out the types such as Ampallang piercing, Frenum piercing, Guiche piercing, Lorum piercing, Pubic piercing and a lot of others. Consult the professionals about it to make sure the position you choose in your genital organ piercing does not turn out to be uncomfortable for you.

  • Lip Piercing

You will find out a lot of women are getting lip piercing done as well. It changes your facial appeal overnight and makes you look beautiful. It looks gorgeous. Some familiar names you will hear at the best piercing shop in Mumbai include Angel Bites, Vertical Lip Piercing, Shark Bites, Cyber Bites, Dolphin Bites, Labret Piercing, Snake Bites, Madonna Piercing and a lot of others.


Apart from the various types mentioned above, you may also go for tongue piercing, surface or dermal piercing, nipple piercing and others. Choose the most trusted place for piercing where you will find skilled professionals who are also backed up with a fair amount of experience. Choose wisely.