A quick glance on the role of height safety inspectors

When you live in Australia, you should be aware of the fact that the state legislature and Australian Standards make it mandatory for all buildings to conduct frequent or regular height safety inspections. These are tasks taken up by trained professionals where they ensure that the fall protection system as that of anchor points, static lines or harnesses, etc. are in good condition and that there aren’t any trouble brewing that could lead to accidents.

While the inspection routines and its frequency depending on the state laws, it is often seen that the inspectors work in coordination depending on where is your property located. While they are known to maintain proper records of the visits and the results of the inspection, it is something that becomes an important task especially when it comes to the safety of the workers.

When it comes to performing an overall check, these are the things that the inspectors pay attention to.

They check if the equipment is compliant to the rules

Even though you follow state laws when it comes to the installation of the fall protection system, with time, there are chances of the quality to deteriorate. When they come over for an inspection, they do not just check whether everything is in place and that the workers wouldn’t meet with accidents, they also ensure the fact that your equipment maintains the required standards and quality and that there is no structural damage caused which can lead to trouble in the days to come.

They check the roof anchor points

There are times when you have installed anchor points on the roof, but it is used only once in a while. This is where the inspectors play an active role where they should be called upon whenever there is the need to use such anchor points. This is the case especially during the times when it stays idle for a very long time. When you call upon inspectors before starting work with the anchor points, you can rest assured that it will be checked thoroughly and that work would be undertaken smoothly once they are done with their inspection.

They check the ladder

Anchor points at times require ladders for workers to reach and harness themselves. The inspectors come over to inspect these ladders as well to ensure that each step they take on the ladder is safe and secured. While that happens, the workers feel safe, and there are no possibilities of accidents. These inspections are mandatory especially during times when there has been no work, or probably the ladder has been left unused for a very long time.

While it is necessary that you only get help from certified inspectors, it is necessary that you hire those who have relevant experience and are approved by the concerned department to conduct height safety inspections. The safety of the workers is often the prime concern for employers and that conducting such inspections does not harm as that is something that can save a life instead.