Knowing the types of Roof access hatch and choosing the best one

Roof access hatch and floor doors are the unsung heroes in the construction business. When you need convenient access to your rooftop facilities by means of a ladder, The roof access hatch is perhaps the best choice. There are a variety of special sizes available in the market that are pertaining to the Australian standards.

They primarily differ from other access doors because of the location it is situated.  The roof access hatch is very versatile because it maintains the insulative properties of both floors and the roof. Let us see some of the different types of roof hatches.

Types of Roof Hatches

Steel Roof hatches –they have been designed to provide higher energy efficiency, weather tightness, water protection, and corrosion prevention. They provide safe and easy access to the rooftop.  Stainless steel roof hatches are triple the times of weight than aluminum and offer the greatest durability.

Fire Rated roof hatches– They are designed to provide efficient and secure service. Fire rated roof access hatch comes both in insulated and non-insulated forms that are designed to contain the fire from penetrating through the opening.  They can be easily operated by one person and it features a grip handle and a safe open to prevent against unexpected accidental closures.

Aluminum Floor hatches – These roof hatches have a proven high insulation value. They are designed to provide convenient, economical access to the rooftop of your residential properties and buildings. Made of coated galvanized aluminum, they ensure a long lifespan with lower maintenance and ease of operation. They are slighter when compared to steel roof access hatch so it enforces only low stress on the roof.

Recessed Roof Hatch– They are both rust and corrosion resistant roof hatches. One of the highly durable hatches that are safe and convenient to use.  They provide easy access to the roof of your buildings. The heavy-duty design and insulation ensure a long life with a low level of maintenance.

When it comes to choosing the best roof access hatch, the process is quite intimidating and time-consuming. However, there are a few important considerations you should look upon to make a well-informed decision

How to Choose the Best Roof Access Hatch – Things to Consider

Determine the purpose of roof hatch – Determine whether the hatch you install is for residential or business. If it is for residential purpose, considering a small single cover model is going to be fine. However, when it comes to business, it should be pretty larger to access the equipment

Determine for which facility will you require the roof hatch

Always go for a high-quality hatch that doesn’t require replacements

Bottom Line

After purchase, ensure whether you are following the necessary requirements needed for proper installation to have a safe and secure floor hatch.