5 tips to help you keep marble in its best form

Amongst your friends and acquaintances, you are likely to come across several who have a marble tabletop or a countertop at home. Since it is a common thing to own, several like it as a part of their floors, walls, fireplace and anywhere they feel it right. With the naturally occurring stone making your house look classy, there is the equal need for you to care for it well.

While you may feel that since it is a stone and it does not need much of attention, there is the need for you to care for it just so that it remains intact and in the same condition in the days to come. Marble, when compared to granite is known to be a softer stone, and therefore there are a lot of risks involved when not cared for.

Even when you buy marble from the best stores, here are a few tips that could help you to keep them in the best condition.

Apply sealant to the marble

Marble is a porous stone that is known to absorb stains and liquids quite easily. Even though you take all possible precautions to prevent staining, you cannot be everywhere. Therefore, applying a sealant on the marble no matter where you have installed it gives that required protection from staining. This sealant should be reapplied every year, and while this acts as a protective layer, you get to watch your marble be in the best form.

Clean up whenever you spot anything

It could be the case where you have not placed a coaster or runner underneath a coffee cup or a plate, and that has led to staining transfer. Whenever something as this happens, clean up at the soonest. Since marble is porous, the stain would seep in making it difficult for you to remove it. This applies to the floors and the walls as well where you need to be vigilant and careful all the time to prevent staining and further damage.

Clean with a mild soap

Even though soap water can clean up marble surfaces well, there would come a time when there will be a white layer on top that leads to a yellowish look to the surface. When you make use of mild soap, there is not much residue that is left behind. Cleaning it multiple times with a moist cloth after applying the soap would help you receive the best results.

Avoid placing cosmetics on marble in your bathroom

Even though it looks stylish to display your cosmetics especially the bathing essentials, it may not go down well with the marble countertop. It is something that would damage the marble eventually especially when you do not pay attention to it all the time. Chemicals from the shampoos and other bathing essentials can stain the marble. Consider using trays that hold up these essentials well which also makes it look neat.

Avoid placing anything heavy on it

If it is a marble table top or a stool, in that case, avoid placing anything heavy on it or probably using it to reach higher areas. Since it is soft in nature, it may crack with time.