What are Some Good Co-working /Shared Office Spaces in Your City?


Coworking spaces offer real benefits for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and individuals. They can work in an office that is completely prepared without having to worry about the expense of setting up a conventional office. By using a coworking space, you can grow your business without bearing the costs associated with starting and running a business like rent, buying office equipment and fire protection among others expenses. You will also get the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, proficient freelancers and edge masterminds.

If you are searching for a coworking space near me, you should consider joining The A Club. This is one of the best coworking spaces in Mumbai. This coworking space is situated on the eighth floor of One Indiabulls, Tower 2A in Lower Parel. The A is a private members club, which fosters creativity and has reinvented the way business owners spend their working hours and leisure time in Mumbai.

This club offers many amenities, including a gym, dining options, virtual reality technology, workshops and events. Whether you need a private office to rent, a social networking club to meet likeminded people or to use a meeting room for a day, The A will meet your needs.

The A is sprawled over 40,000 square feet and it is a contemporary, uncluttered luxury place where you can collaborate, work and socialize in a seamless manner. The proprietors of this club have plans to open other coworking spaces in Hyderabad, Benagluru, Chennai and Gurugram in the coming years.

The A has several spaces. One of them is the Aclove, which marks the entry point of the coworking club. It is designed to foster networking among members from different industries. At the Aclove, members can connect and discuss their big ideas.

The other space is work studios and meeting rooms. There are ten work studios and five meeting rooms. The amenities offered in these rooms include round the clock tech support, full fledged pantry, high speed internet and other kinds of administrative facilities. These office spaces also include four private pods, which are designed for confidential phone calls, video calling and face to face interviews. These work studios and meeting rooms are unique because they include access to a spa, gym and various events.

The other space available at The A is the sanctuary. Here, members can take a seat at one of the 9 innovative seating pods when the time comes to take a break from working. The hybrid pods are a good example of bringing together furniture design, technology and engineering. These pods have inbuilt technology, which enables members to listen to music, watch movies or spend several minutes meditating.

If you become a member of the A Club, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy tea, coffee and fresh bakes at the Brew Lab. This is a great spot to interact with other club members over a cup of tea or coffee. The tea is made from TGL’s premium leaves and the coffee is the award winning blend from Roasted Today, known as Dark Matter. At the Brew Lab, you can also enjoy fresh juices, Vegan smoothies and bakes that are easy to eat among other light snacks.

Another space that can appeal to you, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast is Bodyspace. This is a new age, fitness studio that has the most recent high tech gym equipment. It is also a great training space for crossfit, mini yoga, Kickboxing and TRX among other sports. The other spaces available include the Exchange and Bitro & Bar. The A will definitely enhance your work and leisure experience.