My Reader Books brings to every blogger the opportunity to join their community and start contributing from the very first day itself. The site features and welcomes writing across different genres like construction, real estate, home improvements, furnishings and what not! We are house to articles and blogs from subject experts from different industries as well.

Become a Contributor at My Reader Books

We are always opened to the best writers and welcome them with their write-ups. We are proud to have a community of the best minds who are experienced in sharing their thoughts and experience to the readers in a lucid manner. We consider the contributors our backbone because they are the ones who help us to create an experience that is truest in the best sense of words.

To become a contributor at My Reader Books, one must adhere to some of the basic guidelines which we call Contributor Guidelines. We ensure that our reader gets a daily boost of quality content across different fields of subjects. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we expect different contributors to cooperate with the set guidelines and be cognizant of them.

Content Guidelines to be Followed by Contributors

Being in the content posting for years, we have laid down some of the guidelines for contributors which can be enumerated as below—

  • Each of the blogs or articles submitted to us must have a minimum of 400 words.
  • We encourage everything that enhances the readers’ experience. Therefore, we allow our contributors to insert relevant images, videos, hyperlinks in their write-ups.
  • Anything that is irrelevant to the topic would be removed.
  • On our platform, we allow a maximum of one (1) link. Hence, kindly stick to this before submission.
  • We expect writers to be professional and hence, the right usage of keywords is a must. Apart from this, we also expect contributors to stick to the keyword density. If we find any deviation in terms of keyword usage or density, the submitted write-up will stand canceled.
  • We welcome errorless and quality articles and blogs. Hence, we expect the contributors to be professional on this ground and would like them to go through the content thoroughly for any error, sentence formation before submitting to My Reader Books.
  • Refrain from submitting advertorial or promotional write-ups. These are big NO NO on this platform. In addition to this, we expect our contributors to be very specific and should not submit any post that seems or has anything close to news.
  • We expect the write-ups to have a proper conclusion or Call to Action. This can be anything- one to two lines statement or any image.
  • We expect professionalism from the contributors and hence, expect genuine, plagiarism-free content from the writer. On our platform, we never entertain any sort of plagiarism. If someone’s article is found to be plagiarised, the entire write-up would be scrutinized. This is independent of how old and how many contents the person has submitted to My Reader Books. Strict action would also be taken against the writer and that might be a permanent ban from the community.
  • Refrain from link building. Anyone found guilty in this would be seriously treated. We would restrict that person from the community apart from abstaining from his/her article from posting.
  • We deal with content that is exclusively related to the business domain. Therefore, we request the writer to stick to this criterion as well. Anything irrelevant from the domain is going to be rejected.

We hold the right of declaring any submitted write-up to be inappropriate for the platform. We also expect contributors to be specific to the guidelines.

Call-to-Action that might Lead to Rejection of your Content

We are very much particular about the tone of the article. Therefore, as a contributor, if you are submitting any write-up with a call-to-action, keep in mind to refrain from these types—

  • Any request to the reader group that sounds like requesting the reader to pay a visit to the company, organization, or website
  • Any direct and indirect request to follow the channel, social media, links of the company
  • Any call to action that sounds like getting a subscription of newsletters, blog posts, or request to get in touch with the company.