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How To Drive Conversions with Custom Google Display Ads?

For B2B businesses, it can be challenging to even make it onto a prospective customer’s radar, much less convert them, due to the competition with established businesses and the need to stand out against the hordes of noisy competitors. A truly fantastic product no longer sells itself. If your target market doesn’t know who you are or what you offer, you won’t close any deals.

Ads from the Google Display Network really stand out here. To begin, let’s define Google’s Display Network. It has the greatest potential reach of any ad network online, consisting of over 2 million online sites, video content, and apps where your advertisements can pop up. Google Display Network Cost is cheap and is an efficient way to get your company in front of your core demographic and start making a name for yourself there. This is perfect for new businesses that want to make a splash right away.

To boost your company’s online presence, it’s important to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and Google display ads should be your first stop.

Here are five compelling reasons to include Google display ads in your next promotional campaign:

1. Increase Demand For Your Products Or Services And, Ultimately, Sales

The primary goal of any advertising push is to increase product or service sales. The good news is that research shows that advertising on Google’s display network can boost a company’s bottom line. Clicking on digital ads will increase conversion rates by 50% by 2021. Such high figures can have a profound effect on your company and enable rapid expansion.

There is still hope for a customer who visits your website but doesn’t buy anything the first time around. Remarketing with Google display ads is a great way to show past site visitors that you care about them and their experience. 

Display ads provide visuals that are probably going to be remembered by potential customers and used by them, as 35-40% of users make a purchase within five-six days of searching for it on Google.

2. Produce More High-Quality Leads

Sales leads are crucial to the success of any business because they allow you to learn more about potential customers and work to turn them into paying clients.

Ads on Google’s display network connect your company with Google Analytics, a powerful suite of tools that can help you find and reach your target customer. You can understand exactly what your leads want from Google Analytics. You will know which display advertising campaign and associated goods or services are most successful for your company by monitoring which advertisements are clicked on the most.

The financial information for display ads is automatically populated into your analytics, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your return on your investment (ROI) and cost per click (CPC) and allowing you to make informed monthly budget adjustments.

3. Increase Website Traffic

The click-through rate (CTR) of Google display ads is, as of now, at an outstanding 0.45%, although this varies considerably across industries. 

A click-through rate (CTR) of 0.45% may not seem like a lot, but it has the chance of bringing in significant monthly revenue and attracting a large audience to your website as well as the content.

4. Influence Purchase Decisions of Consumers

Even if a customer is already familiar with one of your offerings, you want them to learn about the rest of your offerings so they can become more invested in your brand. In a physical store, customers are more likely to peruse your entire selection, but with the ease of buying online, they may only look at one or two of your products before clicking away.

Google display ads are essential to increasing conversions, as 90% of consumers say they have more trust in advertisements than they do in personal recommendations. By showcasing related products, display ads increase the likelihood that a user will click through and buy something new.

5. Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

The “Seven Times Element” is a well-known advertising principle. Potential buyers need to be exposed to a brand seven times, on average, before they decide to buy.

This could appear to be a lot, but rest assured that Google has some seriously strong stats when it comes to the number of people who actually see your ads. Google’s Display Ad Network attracts over 200 million new visitors per month, or roughly 90% of the world’s online community.

Google display ads should form the backbone of your company’s digital marketing strategy because of their influence in these five primary domains.