3.5 ton plant trailer

Benefits of Having a 3.5 Ton Plant Trailer

When we talk about lifting heavy logs and timbre, plant trailers can help in several ways. They are equipped with a lot of features that can aid you and make the work faster. Plant trailers also come in different shapes and sizes so that you can buy the one that suits your purchase. A 3.5-ton plant trailer is also a specialised trailer that can be used to transport heavy logs and machinery. Here is a complete list of benefits of having a 3.5 Ton Plant Trailer.

What Are The Features of A Good Plant Trailer?

Before talking about its advantages, it is essential to know what features a good plant trailer should have. To begin with, the design of the trailer should be durable and less bulky. Since it is used for carrying heavy loads, a bulky plant trailer can be a problem. The design of the plant trailer should also be robust. Apart from that, a ramp should be attached at the back of the trailer so that heavy materials can be loaded on the vehicle easily. Mudguards and long drawbars are also some of the features to look for in a good plant trailer.

Benefits Of Having A 3.5 Ton Plant Trailer

Here are some of the advantages you get while using a 3.5-ton plant trailer.

Heavy Load

Carrying heavy loads is one of the major tasks of a 3.5-ton plant trailer. Carrying and transporting heavy plant machinery can be done easily and conveniently with the help of these plant trailers. As the name suggests, a 3.5-ton plant trailer can carry a load that is less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes. You can also attach an extended roller to it if you want to increase its loading capacity. 


Safety is also one of the features that a 3.5-ton plant trailer can offer. Transport of heavy plant machinery involves huge amounts of damage risks. Some machines are fragile and can break if they are exposed to road bumps. However, a 3.5-ton plant trailer has a built-in guard that protects the falling off of parts. You can also strap in the loads for extra security. Therefore, you can rest assured that your machinery will be transported safely and securely to its destination. 

Special Features 

There are several other features included in a 3.5-ton plant trailer. For example, there is a ramp added to the back of the trailer so that you can load your vehicle with heavy objects easily. The mudguards may also be present that can protect your machinery from getting dirty. All these special features benefit you a lot when it comes to the transportation of plant machinery.  

Plant trailers can help you lift heavy objects and transport them from one place to another with ease and convenience. Since they come in all kinds of load sizes, you can use them as per your requirement. A 3.5-ton plant trailer is one of the most optimum trailers as along with the special features, it can also carry a substantially good amount of load!