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Becoming A Professional Rigger

Riggers have got vital work to deal with on a construction site. You will find them moving heavy materials and equipment around the construction site. Moving these materials and equipment is one thing. To do it safely is another. This is why the job of a rigger is considered to be quite tricky. You will be required to take the rigging courses in Sydney to be well prepared for the job. As far as becoming a professional rigger is concerned, you will have to undergo proper training. 

  1. The first thing to do is get a construction induction card, also known as a white card. You will have to go through a short rigger course to get this card. The task is to find a good training institute that can help you smoothly go through the system.
  2. Now that you have gotten a construction induction card, you will have to find a training institute to further the courses. In this step, you will have to find a training institute that can provide you with certificate III in Rigging. This is a rigging course that will take anywhere between 1-2 years to complete.
  3. If you feel your task has been done, there’s plenty more to go, so you need to hang on here. Additional courses are to be completed, including Basic Fire Ticket, Forklift License Ticket, etc. Unlike Certificate III, these rigging courses can be completed quickly. The more classes you add to your tally, the better your chances of getting a handsome job. 
  4. Now that you have completed all the riggers courses that you wanted to do in Sydney, it is about time you meet all the police checks and drug and alcohol tests here. It is to get a clean chit before you finally move forward to become a professional rigger. 
  5. You can start your own rigging business or join a quality company to take advantage of the rigging courses. If you’re interested in starting your own business, you will have to join CICA. 

Responsibilities Of A Rigger:

There is a reason why taking up rigging courses in Sydney is considered necessary. You have to get the proper training to become a rigger since the job required is quite tricky. One of the things to be decided is the weight and size of the objects and how it is supposed to be moved. If the material is heavy, you need to use specific equipment that will differ when you want to move the material that is not as serious. Attaching sling equipment to the load, installing and operating cables, erecting structural steel are some of the many things that need to be done by a rigger. 

All in all, it is essential to do a riggers course for any individual who wants to get a job in this field. It will allow him to know all the significant aspects of rigging, as long as all the major courses in Sydney are considered. If a person is going to have more knowledge regarding rigging activities, he’s bound to do the tasks efficiently and safely!