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Everything That You Need To Know About Electric Forklift Before Hiring Or Buying Yourself One!

In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of users purchasing or hiring an electric forklift. Though a diesel or a gas-operated forklift is not going out of business, the rise in the market of an electric forklift is to be noted. Additionally, electric forklifts are much cheaper and an eco-friendly option to go for. Soon in the future, electric forklifts are going to outsell diesel or other types of forklifts. 

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Why are Electric Forklift more efficient than other types of forklifts:

1. Batteries: Electric forklifts can help save many litres of fuel over the existence of the battery. Likewise, their batteries can regularly be recharged, which will decrease the landfill with harmful material and toxic waste. With an electric forklift, you will not need to stress over any mechanical engine issues, as well. Buying an electric forklift for sale near you can help reduce the overall impact on the environment. The average lifespan of the electric forklift battery can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance.

2. Cost: Though a standard gas forklift would cost much less than an electric forklift at the beginning, they will cover its cost within 2-years of usage. Electric lifts additionally require fewer checkups than gas-fueled lifts. In addition, they normally have fewer motor parts and lower upkeep costs in contrast with gas-fueled forklifts.

3. Performance: Electric forklifts have the best braking technology innovation and can turn even at the most compact spaces as compared to gas-controlled forklifts. They likewise include modern tire innovations, which makes electric forklifts much simpler to control. They have silent operations when working, which ensures that their working does not disturb other warehouse operations. They are quite simple to operate, having just brakes and accelerators as controls. They additionally come with better electronics fitted, so backup signals and warning horns can be heard much better.

The benefits of Electric Forklifts are as follows:

1. They do not produce any external emissions.

2. They have a quieter operation than other types of forklifts.

3. They don’t need any external storage for tanks.

4. The maintenance required is quite minimal compared to other forklifts.

5. They have a low centre of gravity.

6. They are much more compact in size as compared to other types of forklifts.

The different types of Electric Forklifts for sale near you include- Industrial Forklift, Warehouse Forklift, Telehandler, Counterbalance Forklift, Side Loader, Pallet Jack, Walkie Stacker, Order Picker, Rough Terrain Forklifts and Reach Fork Truck. 

Working of Electric Forklifts:

1. Electric Forklifts consist of only a brake and accelerator as compared to a gas forklift which has a clutch or inching pedals. This makes electric forklifts much simpler to operate. 

2. Some of the latest models of Electric Forklifts even come with automatic braking and they can drive much faster and smoother than a gas forklift.

3. As there are no clutches for operation, the operator can simply focus on his task which results in better operations and one lesser part to be replaced.

Problems that you might face with an electric forklift:

1. Initial Costing- When buying a new electric forklift for sale near you, you will have to shell out more (at least 3 to 5 times more) than a gas forklift.

2. Keeping the batteries charged- Though an electric forklift can operate anywhere between 6-10 hours, they need at least 8 hours of charging for best results. Therefore there may be the need to buy additional batteries to reduce downtime and have charging stations built for proper and efficient charging of your batteries.

3. Lifting Capacity- Electric forklifts are comparatively less powerful and lift lower weights as compared to gas-powered forklifts.

4. Effect of weather- Electric forklifts are very susceptible to weather changes. They can get damaged when used in rainy or snowy conditions. They should ideally be used for indoor applications only.

Are Electric Forklifts safe?

1. As per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s), Electric Forklifts are as safe as a gas-powered forklift. New safety standards are now being prepared to keep electric forklifts in mind. 

2. One should follow the OSHA battery charging standards for charging their electric forklifts battery for better safety and protection from any sort of battery damage from taking place.

3. As electric forklifts have no emissions, does not need additional fluids (oils and lubricants), your workplaces are now much cleaner, safer and odour-free.

Visit your nearest dealers to get the best deals on an electric forklift for sale near you. Go Green and choose electric forklifts to get your projects completed leaving fewer carbon footprints.