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How Should You Inspect Your Deck?

Decking is an incredible landscaping option for your house that creates additional living space for your relaxation. You can have an attractive space which can be put to practical use in your leisure time. You can socialise there and have a great time. The deck builders in Sydney make smart use of decks in uneven or sloped areas, wasting no space at all. It can be built in small and large spaces alike such as roof terrace and balconies. It can give you that outdoor feel while still being inside the house. As it is outside all the time, it requires great maintenance and there are certain things you should inspect from time to time:

Inspect the Rot

You should give a timely check to see if the wood is rotting or not. You can take a screwdriver, knife or anything sharp enough that helps. Poke in the places contacting the ground or on concrete blocks. When poked, if the wood is soft, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. Stair stringers attached with the ground should be checked as well and the decking surface should be inspected. A little amount of rot can be removed with a chisel while the significant one should be removed immediately. 

Inspect the Ledger

Framing which is connecting your house and your deck should be checked. Flashing should have no rust and no holes. There should be screws in the ledger instead of the nails. In case flashing is tattered or there are nails in the ledger, it should be replaced or repaired. Deck builders often give proper treatment to ledger installation as the majority of the accidents occur due to crooked installation.

Joists and Beams

The joists and beams should be thoroughly checked to see if there is any rust or rot. When you are replacing the old one with a new one, but temporary support there. Framing lumber is not easy to remove and should be given into the hands of deck builders. 

Cracks in Board

Cracks are not just an issue but also an irritation. When little cracks are overlooked and ignored, they will get worse as time passes by. They can get bigger and cause an accident. The cracked board can be replaced easily. This new board can look a bit sore and different from the old one. You have to stain it so it can be equivalent to the remaining decking board. 

Check the Railing 

Handrails and the loose posts on the railing should be checked. These can cause huge trouble ahead and require immediate attention. The issue can be resolved by drilling pilot holes and putting the steel or galvanised screws in there. 

Weathered Boards

It is possible for your decking board to be discoloured. It usually gets grey and that shows it’s time to do some cleaning. According to the deck builders, it should be cleaned at least twice a year. A little bit of greyness can be removed easily but if it’s a lot, it should be replaced. 


With some cleaning, you could also paint or reseal the board. It would strengthen the board and makes it look fresh and anew. 

The professional deck builders in Sydney will render you with the finest services and it will not need to be repaired for a long time. Look into a thing or two about the deck builders you are contacting so you don’t have to waste all your time on repairing and replacing the decking all the time.