DIY kitchens Australia

A Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Remodel

We all fantasize about having a large kitchen with high ceilings and plenty of natural light streaming in from large windows. It doesn’t have to be this way! In reality, it doesn’t matter what size your room is if you have the right small-space solutions and trendy design ideas. Continue reading for 7 creative and trendy tiny kitchen ideas to steal so you never feel claustrophobic in the kitchen again. All of these ideas have been already implemented in DIY kitchens in Australia. We promise these tips will help you make the most of your counter space and cabinetry.

Softly Sophisticated

Dusky-hued Shaker doors are a cool contrast to white, but they also look classic and go well with shades of grey. This look is elevated by using white doors that can be decorated in elegant colour. Consider door handles and faucet ware as jewellery for your kitchen, so why not add a little bling for a luxe look? To build a wet, inviting kitchen, finish the look with a wooden benchtop and Scandi-inspired furniture.

Modern Monochrome

From the ebonized timber-look cabinetry to the white marble, this style is all about raw finishes. A kitchen’s style is significant, but its purpose should still come first – that means plenty of room. Brass accents that match enhance the glam factor and build a unified look.

The foundation of this look is matte black wood-grain cabinetry. Choose a handle-less interface to allow for the addition of statement handles. Flatpack cabinets look best when they’re paired with high-end fixtures. The oversized designer brass knobs on this flatpack cabinetry make it seem costlier than it is.

Clean copper

With a copper-coloured splashback, white cabinets are given a grungy makeover. It brings depth plus earthiness, and it’s a more masculine contrast to conventional white-tile treatments. In this daring style, unexpected accessories make a point. Cabinetry in standard white is readily available, reasonably priced, and ideal for use in the kitchen. You will have fun with fixtures and appliances when you pair basic cabinetry with a flat white counter.

Bold & Dramatic

This look may be right for you if you want the dark side. The all-black kitchen, on the other hand, is a daring declaration that necessitates careful planning. Matte finishes look better on black cabinets for a sleek, modern look that’s still functional. Since the number of integrated appliance options in flatpack kitchens is small, this is an excellent opportunity to use statement appliances as a design function.

Handleless cabinets in matte black provide a sleek appearance. Install a stone benchtop in black or dark grey. To stop a claustrophobic feeling, use pale floors, walls, and ceilings to break up the black.

Cool Cork

Cork is making a comeback in a major way as a durable, functional flooring choice as well as a soft, warm look in lighting and accessories. It can also make a point about such a simple substance. Cork goes well with a variety of textures, so pair it with wood benchtops and chairs, leather accents, and gleaming white tiles to produce a sensory overload. The warmth and curviness of this Scandinavian style will be tempered by clean, linear cabinetry, and touches of greenery will unify the look.

His daring style is all about using textures, and here he uses cork, wood, and stainless steel to great effect. The dining table and chairs are complemented by a bold charcoal wood-look cabinetry that is lit up with plenty of timber tones.

Mint Condition

The cool mint hue is repeated in the artwork and accessories, and a band of coloured cabinetry sets the stage for this room. To build a chic kitchen with a retro coastal vibe, everything else is kept light and new. This is one of the best ideas for DIY kitchens in Australia. 

Porter’s Paints has been painted on plain white base cabinetry, completely changing the look of the room. If you’re on a tight budget, white laminate benchtops like this one are a good option. A marble subway tile splashback adds a touch of class to DIY kitchens in Australia without breaking the bank.

Scandinavian chic

With a simplistic palette of warm whites, pale wood, and greenery, this look screams “Scandinavian farmhouse.” The round dining table and spindle back chairs provide a homey charm, and white panelling is replicated on cabinetry and the walls to give the room a classic, rustic feel. Pale blue shoes and new green plants add a modern touch with small splashes of colour.

White panelled cabinetry not only looks sleek but also brings texture to the room, preventing it from feeling cold and clinical. Searching for flatpack cabinetry using the term “country profile” may be beneficial. To offer traditional subway tiles a new redesign, use dark grey or black grout.