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What Is Right For You – Spring Mattress Or Foam?

Mattresses are available in all sizes and shapes and with several types of choose from. Whether you are looking for a mattress in Marrickville to support your sleep position or the one that will keep you cool at night or a mattress in Homebush to relieve your back pain, there are countless options available. 

So how do you choose the right one? We think that the best way to identify the ideal mattress is by learning the types of mattresses available on the market.

Here we will compare the innerspring mattress with its foam counterpart. 

What are foam mattresses and their pros and cons?

NASA invented foam or memory long back in 1960. A special kind of polyurethane foam, also known as the synthetic viscoelastic foam, is used to produce memory foam mattress. This type of mattress is sensitive to body temperature and weight. There is an open bubble cell inside the construction of the mattress that helps in airflow. 


  • Hugs and cradles your body
  • This kind is made of soft material that supports the part of the body that demands pressure relief
  • It isolates motion thereby making it the perfect fit for couples who share their bed
  • The correct mattress for side sleepers  


  • These mattresses do not transfer heat and come with new cooling technologies
  • They fail to respond quickly to movement
  • When you unpack the mattress for the first time, it might come with a slight odour 
  • Some styles are extremely high-priced

coolest mattress in Marrickville

What are spring mattresses and their pros and cons?

The most traditional of all the mattress types available are the coils, springs, or innerspring. A coil mattress is constructed like a continuous coil structure that comes with several rows of s-shaped wires. The construction has been perfected for years, and at present, they come in a pocketed coil system that offers motion isolation and increased comfort. 


  • They are affordable
  • Comes with a bit of bounce and are responsive
  • Offers better support and firmness
  • The airflow between the coils makes it the coolest mattress in Marrickville 


  • For some, an innerspring mattress might appear too firm
  • Can feel noisy when you move in the bed

Which should you choose?

Foam is the perfect choice if you are looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress in Homebush. In these types of mattresses, the upper layers are created with soft gels and foams. The lower base is made up of high-density foam. Such a construction makes it a great substitute for an innerspring mattress as far as alignment and compression are concerned. 

You can also add motion isolation and pressure point relief to the list of benefits offered by foam mattresses. This is no doubt great news for combination and side sleepers as well as couples. 

Spring mattresses are the oldest technology available, but their support and benefits are popular till date. The only shortcoming of this type is that the metal construction makes it less comfortable and it also does not cradle as good as foam.

To conclude, it is always up to you to decide which type of mattress is perfect for you. The guide mentioned above will help you to choose a new mattress in Marrickville.