Second hand truck tyres

A Complete Buying Guide For Second Hand Tyres

Buying second-hand tyres is undoubtedly a difficult job because several specifics need to be carefully checked to keep yourself and your vehicle safe. You will need to learn the basics to find a decent set of truck tyres in Pemulwuy. We have put together some information to make buying second-hand tyres in Sydney a breeze, which you must read before purchasing used tyres.

Check the Tyre Surface

The first step to take is checking both the inside and outside of the tyre. If there are bumps or cuts in several places, it means the tyre is not suitable for purchase as it indicates damage.

Tread Depth

The easiest way to test for depth of tread is to use a coin. It is a basic check that can be carried out with the use of a one rupee coin. Place the one Rupee coin vertically on the tyre surface to test for wear, and see whether the number 1 seen on the coin is partially visible or not. When the number one on the coin is evident, it means that the tyre has almost reached its end of life, and it is just not worth the time and energy to look for more damages on the tyre. If the number 1 on the coin is partly visible, then the truck tyres should be used for a few thousand kilometres.

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Exposed Chords

The tyres have chords in them, which are intended to strengthen the tyre’s structure for better results. If you see chords sticking out, then that means you cannot use the tyre anymore. There are other grounds for showing the chords. The reasons for the presence of the exposed cords are due to a bent tire, unsuitable air pressure in the tyres, and mismatch alignment.

Belt Steels Which Cause Irregularities:

Be sure to rub your hand on the tyre’s sidewall and look for any bumps or irregularities as this means the truck tyre has been poorly used and needs recycling. The steel girdles support the tyre’s stability to prevent it from wobbling.


Second hand truck tyres in Pemulwuy with lots of punctures are not safe to use, so test the tyre’s inner side to see if patches are present. If you find a lot of patches, then it means the tyre cannot withstand the air pressure, and there’s a risk the tyre could get damaged again. It is not safe to drive on these tyres, either.

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As you can see, you need to be careful about plenty of pitfalls, and that can easily escape notice, particularly if a low cost blinds you. A good deal can sound tempting, but in the long run, it will always turn out to be more costly because you will end up changing your tyres more often, and at much higher risk.

Overall, the most cost-effective alternative is to keep an eye out for second-hand tyres available in Sydney, which will be much more competitive and reliable while giving you peace of mind and guaranteed protection.