How To Care And Maintain A Sliding Fire Door?

You need to remember some issues before determining if you can install a sliding door in your home or workplace environment.

Here are some of the things you should know to keep fire sliding doors in a better condition:

Where to Put the Sliding Door

Sliding doors are perfect for doors to the inside. We are the alternative you want for bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. You can even fit a sliding door inside your bathroom. These could be ideal for outdoor patios, terraces, or gardens. Yet keep in mind your property’s safety. Some of the sliding doors are glass, so you should not position them in front of your house or in easy to see places.

What Kinds Of Sliding Doors Are There Outside?

Curtain rods form the most common sliding doors. Such doors do not take up wall space as they consist of two layers of glass, and the door opens covering the other set window of glass. They are the sort of outdoor kitchen areas, patios, and gardens preferred.

Attached to a rail above the door are hanging sliding doors and they slide over the wall. To mount these, you need at least one-half of the door width to have free wall space.

Wall sliding doors inside the wall drop into pockets. If you do not have wall space and want to achieve a minimal look in your house, they are a great solution. They are also great for wardrobes because when opened, the door “disappears” into the wall.

Which Are The Measurements Of The Sliding Door?

Sliding doors can be used in a range of sizes as opposed to standard doors. Keep in mind that if you install an interior door, when open, they will take up wall space. Therefore, measure the wall and carefully consider the sizes. Do you have wall space for open door fitting? If space is limited, you might need to consider other options for the door.

Door Fittings to Select

Sliding doors usually come in a wooden, aluminium, vinyl, or fibreglass frame with a large glass. Choosing a sliding door that has a wooden frame will enhance your home look. The doors are available in various colours – from rustic, dark to light wood, and in various designs – you can choose from different types, frames, number of windows, and motifs. Wood will quickly crack and wriggle. That is why using wooden sliding doors outdoors or in wet areas where moisture can harm the wood is not recommended.

Aluminium sliding doors are also available in various designs and colours. Aluminium is a solid material with long durability. Such doors are ideal for the outdoors because they can withstand all sorts of weather.

Often, vinyl-sliding fire doors are reliable and highly durable, but they are available in limited colours, and poor quality can appear.

How to Hold a Sliding Door?

If you want to mount a sliding fire door in Sydney, you need to be vigilant to maintain its good working condition for longer periods. If the sliding door is outside you need to keep the outside frame clean from dust and debris to ensure that the mechanism is working correctly. Vacuum periodically, and clean the door frame and hardware. The locking and sliding mechanism are suggested to be lubricated twice a year.