Handy Tips To Choosing From Varieties Of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is known for its good looks in almost every type. It adds style and gives it a classy look.  Timber flooring has been known to look aesthetically appealing while giving your home a look of completeness.   There are different types available in the market to suit its unique construction requirement and budget.  

Timber flooring is suitable for almost any interior decor whether it is the traditional and rustic look to a modern, contemporary, or country style home.  It is one material that is suitable for almost any room in the house, whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even the basement.  So if you are yet to decide on the type of timber flooring to install,  then this article will come in handy.

Finished or unfinished Timber flooring?

Finished Timber flooring in Dural is the perfect choice if you are looking for one that is already sanded,  sealed, and well-polished before installation.  This enables the complete installation task to be completed in a jiffy.  The installation process takes place seamlessly on-site and free of any odours.  You can walk on the floor or use it as soon as it is set.

Unfinished Timber flooring in Dural works well if you are looking to customize before installing it with the final finishing touches.  It is the best choice if you are looking to match the colour of the new flooring with an already existing one.  In this type, the required number of protective finishing coats are given once the installation is complete.  It is also ideal if you are looking to set up in your kitchen as it will seal up the gaps in between the boards and eliminate chances of water seepages. 

Solid Timber flooring or one that is engineered:

In the first type, whole wood is used free of any other components.  This enables it to be sanded, customized, and polished at any time based on the requirement.  Solid Timber flooring is not suited for all spaces of your home especially those which are more prone to changes caused due to the weather.

The second type is a veneer that looks like wood and is attached to the actual timber layers beneath. One of the main reasons for opting engineered Timber flooring is the fact that it is highly stable and comes with a long service life that lasts for several years.  It is suitable for all seasons and all spaces of your home.  The thickness of the veneer protects the timber below.  What’s even more special is that you do not need to hire a contractor to land,  refurbish, and polish it every few years.

Which type of Timber flooring is the best?

Choosing from the different varieties of timber flooring available in Dural can be overwhelming especially if you do not know which ones are the best.  Out of the hardwood varieties, the ones made of oak, teak, bamboo, cherry,  mahogany, walnut, and Maple are some of the best.