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The Different Types Of Mowers And Tractors Available In The Market

Since gardening gained importance in society, not only as a source of vegetation but also for decoration, various machines have been designed and manufactured to cater to different needs. Mowers and Tractors are such machines that have been long used to suit their respective purposes. Kubota mower prices are very affordable to suit such needs.

Mowers are used to cutting grass in a lawn. The different types of mowers that are available in the market are as follows:

  1. Corded Lawn Mowers: These are eco-friendly and do not require fuel and lubricant storage. They produce very low noise, about 80dBs. These need to be connected to the power supply and thus entail cable damage issues. Also, it is risky to use them in the rains.
  2. Battery-Powered Mowers: These are eco-friendly, produce low noise, do not require fuel and have high mobility. These can work without human effort. However, they are heavy and have limited battery life. They also take a lot of time to get charged.
  3. Gasoline Mowers: These are very powerful, navigable and can be used for work requiring a lot of machinery strength. The drawback of these mowers is they require regular maintenance and use of fuel. They produce a lot of noise, above 90dBs and are heavy. This makes them a bit difficult to operate manually as one might lose control. Kubota oil filter can be used.
  4. Mechanical Mowers: These are very friendly to the environment as they are almost silent. They are available at cheap rates and can be operated in any weather. These mowers are ideal for cutting short and young grass. However, these are not adept for cutting dense and high grass. These mowers, although very useful, require a lot of physical efforts for quick movement.

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Tractors are used for tractive work, i.e. pulling heavy loads used in agriculture. The different types of tractors that are available in the market are as follows:

  1. Earth Moving Tractors: These are used for plowing and driving other equipment. These are used to carry machinery that caters to a specific set of jobs.
  2. Row Crop Tractors: These tractors cater to all the agricultural needs such as plowing, harrowing, leveling, weed control, etc. These can also be used to operate machinery like water pumps, threshers, etc. These are user-friendly and very easy to steer, especially at short turns. A power lift is present to lift or drop equipment.
  3. Orchard Type: These are used only in the orchards and are tall enough for the drivers to be able to pluck fruits or trim trees. There are no appendages attached to the tractor, thus making it possible for easy passage between trees.
  4. Industrial Type: They are mainly used to pull loads. These are fitted with a crane boom which caters to lifting loads. These are more commonly known as Tuggers.
  5. Garden Type: These are very small in size and operate at a very low horsepower range. These are used in the gardens to cut grass or make flower beds.

Rotary Tillers: These are operated in small fields or the fields that are at different levels on hills. These are neither adept nor efficient at working ordinary equipment. The tillers of these tractors are fitted with blades.