Awnings in Bankstown

Add More Beauty To Your Space With Awnings

Awnings are the supplementary covers to our windows just like our roofs to control extreme heat during the summers and gain heat during the winters. They provide two in one facility of controlling the temperature effect during summers and winters. Awnings are not only limited to our windows but also for our patios and decks. Awnings in Bankstown are very famous for some classy yet superior quality of awnings.

There are different types of fabrics and different types of materials used for different uses of awnings:-

  • Insulated roof awnings: insulated roof awnings are made of superior quality of insulated metals that are very much useful in both summers and winters. The construction time and site mess also get reduced when we go for insulated roof awnings. This type of awning gives you the feeling of ceilings as it is having one-degree fall of angle from the roof. This also gives the feeling of increased space will add to its use. The insulated roof awnings are also available in different types of attracting colours. You can make the colour combination of your choice which will add grace to your home décor.
  • Patio awnings and Pergolas: Patio or outdoor awnings are the favourite among the awnings in Bankstown as people like to have house parties in their patio during sunny summers and cozy in the middle of winters. The polycarbonate used for the awning is comfortable; we can also combine the patio awnings with the insulated roof panels or color-bond steel roof panels. This helps in reducing the glare during summer. You can GO GREEN this summer by designing pergolas along with the insulated roof and enjoy the comfort adding real elegance to outdoors.
  • Decks: if you have a swimming pool in the outdoors or you want to have a deck feeling in the out-house then timber decking is the best option. Timber decking near your pool with one or two chair lounges bistro sets will give the pool an extraordinary look and one can enjoy the lazy weekend. The backside of the house and the entrance of the house by using the timber deck will add to the beauty.
  • Carports: carports are one of the essential types of awnings. The carport provides the car 100 per cent protection from sun, storm, hail and rain. Awnings are made from Australian bluestone steel which is one of the best insulating steel to protect your car. You can design and install any of the shapes such as dome or hip and many more of the carport whichever suits your home.
  • Polycarbonate awnings:  These are one of the best-featured awnings in Bankstown. This type of awnings is made with a polycarbonate material which has 99.9% of UV protection. It is featured such that it is useful for the people residing near seashore as it is rust-resistant so that humidity near the seashore does not bother the roofing. Even though it is transparent it does not let the heat inside. It can also stay strong in the harsh weather of Australia. It is flame-resistant i.e one of the important properties of this polycarbonate awning.