wooden dining table set

The Need To Have A Specific Dining Place

There is a common saying that goes like a family that eats together, stays together. Whether you need a dining table while being single as a bachelor or being in a family, you definitely need a dining table. While being in a family, a dining table bonds people together, in fact most of the vital decisions of a family are taken at the dining table. While being a bachelor too, a dining table helps psychologically to separate the eating area from the other activities, so this helps you to focus well on the work in hand and also, to stop binge eating which is a very bad habit.

We will discuss some of the most comfortable and stylish dining sets here.

The corner wooden Dining table set

This is something people can invest in if they live in comparatively smaller apartments, wherein they do not want to encroach the entire room for want of a dining table. It usually contains two-seaters, adjacent to each wall, making moveable space clutter-free. This can also be a 6-seater or a 4-seater depending on the number of individuals who stay in the apartment.

The center dining table set

This is placed in the center of a kitchen and with easier access. The seating arrangement may be about 3-sided, so that one side is attached to any wall. 

Materials best used for a wooden dining set

There are two types of wood that one can choose from while choosing material for a wooden dining table set, namely softwood and hardwood. The characteristics of hardwood and softwood are different as each has a different density and porosity level. The price of your unit would depend on the type of wood you chose, so we would go through a small analysis of both types of wood.

A short comparison will help you to decide the type of wood that best suits your choice.

Hardwood comes from angiosperms or deciduous trees, they grow slowly, durable, require low maintenance, have good fire resistance, but are expensive.

Softwood comes from gymnosperms or evergreen trees, are non-porous, absorbs adhesives quickly and has a good finish, comes in a lighter finish, but is not fire-resistant, fine and lightweight, and slightly less expensive than hardwood.

The texture of hardwood is rough, whereas softwood comes with a fine wood texture.

Examples of hardwood that can be used for making wooden dining table set are mahogany, walnut, red oak, birch, maple, cherry wood, teak etc.

Example of softwood that can be used for making wooden dining table set are eastern white pine, Lodgepole pine, and red cedar.

Different types of wooden dining table set with some features:

  • Formal (dark wooden base for the table, light buttoned cushioned chairs).
  • traditional (light or dark-colored wood for tables, mostly round in shape).
  • farmhouse (mostly made of hardwood, light in color, and rough in texture with wooden non-cushioned chairs with colored backrest).
  • beach style (elements of the sea as colors like sea green, blue on chairs, dark wood for tables).
  • rustic (consists of natural colors, not dark stained tabletop, metal pieces in wrought iron that the legs are made up of that bring you close to nature.
  • contemporary (modern and space-saving mostly).
  • night-life or pub-style (wine rack, liquor cabinet, or sideboard for storing bar accessories).
  •  Asian style (mostly light color with simple cushioned chairs).