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Facts About Fire Extinguishers Every Building Owner Should Know

Every building owner needs to stay updated on fire extinguishers. Rules and regulations prescribe that all buildings should have fire extinguishers. Ensure that the fire protection instruments and equipment are up to date and as per the code specified. Brush up on the below facts about fire extinguishers and stay updated.

There are fire extinguishers for different fires:

Not many of us know that there are specific fire extinguishers for a particular type of Fire. Each fire has a different quality when compared to the others. Due to this, building owners should purchase fire extinguishers that meet the specific requirements and the blazes that are most likely in a particular establishment. For example, fire outbreaks caused due to electrical and Technical glitches are different from those of Grease fires. The following are the different types of fire extinguishers available in the market.

Chemical fire extinguishers:

The chemical Fire extinguisher is commonly found in the market. The price of this fire extinguisher is also reasonable and serves multiple purposes. It is suitable for extinguishing ordinary fires, electrical fires, and Flammable liquid fires.

Water Mist fire extinguishers:

This type of fire extinguishers is suitable for normal environments and those spaces that house sensitive equipment. It is used in such spaces that are constantly under supervision and can be easily destroyed by chemicals present in other types of Fire extinguishers.

Grease fire extinguishers:

This type of Fire extinguisher is popularly used in commercial kitchens. It is also suitable for wet and Damp surroundings.

Carbon dioxide extinguishers:

Carbon dioxide Fire extinguishers are used to extinguish flammable liquids and electrical fire breakouts.  It is commonly used in Laboratories and spaces that contain and store chemicals.

Sodium chloride extinguisher:

The sodium chloride fire extinguisher is popularly used in industries and factories. It can also be found in manufacturing units and spaces that house flammable metals.

Regular inspections of the Fire extinguishers:

Once you have installed fire extinguishers within the building, it requires regular inspections. Get professional assistance in inspecting fire extinguishers to detect breakage of the nozzle, hose, and Outer casing. Early detection of seal tampering of the fire extinguisher can save last-minute hassles and worries. Professional fire protection companies can easily detect blockages in fire extinguishers, and any hindrances that prevent the proper working in times of emergency. The staff of companies can also inspect the fire extinguishers to check whether everything is intact. Check for the following:

Tampers or damages to the outer canister of Fire extinguishers.

The pressure gauge, hose, nozzle, and other important parts.

Instructions for operating and use are readable and legible.

Refill or recharge after every use :

Once a Fire extinguisher has been used, it loses its full charge and needs to be refilled or recharged immediately. Having a fully recharged Fire extinguisher comes in handy during a fire Breakout or emergency situation. It is a vital aspect of fire protection and to ensure that life, property, and investments are not lost in a fire. Make it a top priority to get the assistance of a Fire extinguisher recharging service provider immediately or replace it for a new one.