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Different Kinds Of Kitchens In Bondi Junction

In Australia, there are wide varieties of kitchen layouts. People can select one from the plenty of choices. There is a lot of difference between the old day’s kitchen and the present modular kitchen. In the past designers will not concentrate much on the kitchen space and it is just a last option but nowadays they are giving priority to the kitchen when compared with other spaces of the house. Nowadays, most people show interest in designing the kitchen and other related accessories of the kitchen. While planning the layout and design of the kitchen concentrate on the look of the kitchen and their function. Even some layouts or the design can make you enjoy while cooking.

The most common types of kitchens in Bondi Junction are Outdoor kitchen, single-walled kitchen, double wall kitchen, L shape kitchen, Island kitchen, G shaped kitchen, and open plan kitchen. Some of the best-suited layouts for the kitchen are explained below in this article. This article will be very helpful if you are planning to renovate or construct new kitchen space for your house.

Types of kitchens in Bondi Junction

  • Triangle work Layout:

The work triangle layout will improve the efficiency of the work in your kitchen. If you are concentrating on the ergonomics of the design then work triangle will be the best option. Work triangle defines the space between stove, sink, and refrigerator. At present cooking appliances like oven, cooktop and dishwasher are added to this triangle to make it a simple and neat second overlapping triangle is added in the modern kitchen. 

Some of the key areas to concentrate while designing the kitchen are the distance between the work areas, space on the countertop, try to have extra power points than the needed because it can be used for the future purpose.

  • Single wall kitchen:

This type of layout is also known as a straight kitchen. This layout includes washing and storage places also. The cabinets are fixed against the wall. If you are having any space constraints then you can choose a single wall kitchen layout. Apartment and small houses can use this type of layout. You can fix the island also so it is flexible and can save place. 

  • Two Wall kitchen:

Two wall kitchen is also called a gallery kitchen. It can be used for all residential areas. In this layout, there are two rows of cabinets and a walkway is provided in the middle of the two cabinets. The function of the work triangle is commonly used in this layout type. If needed extra bar spaces for breakfast can be included in one of the cabinets.

L Shaped and L Shaped Island Kitchen:

If you are planning to place the kitchen in the corner or at the end of the house then you can select L shaped layout kitchen. To this design, you can include an island or dining space. In this layout type, more than two people can work at the same time. It is a very popular layout design for the kitchen. If needed we can change the shape of the layout.