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A Form Called Retaining Wall

The form is the external shape, configuration, or appearance of an object as contrasted to the matter of which it is composed, i.e., the potential principles. A wall, be it a usual wall, a jail wall or a retaining wall in Sydney, all are mere representations of the actual core principle of a wall; they are small forms. 


Form, as said by Plato, is a permanent reality that makes a thing what it mainly is, as contrasted with certain limited particulars that are finite and subject to change, a deviation of sorts from their core principle. As Pythagoras states that it is the understandable structures and not the material elements that were responsible for giving objects their distinctive characters.


Plato soon developed this theory in the concept of an eternal form, i.e., an immutable essence that can be participated in material or sensible things. Two things, interdependent, simultaneously running in correspondence to each other and each a representation of the other, that’s what it, is. Plato held that the eternal form of, say a retaining wall in Sydney, was not tangible but belonged to a higher reality as contrasted with that material object i.e., the retaining wall itself.


Every sensible object, be it our retaining wall, consists of a matter and its form, neither can exist without the other. Therefore, the brick and mortar in one way are the matter that gives one form be it a retaining wall or another form be it the jail. 


The idea is that there exists a level of information in each sensible object; for instance, the wall is more informed than the brick which is more informed than the clay which is more informed than the molecule which is more informed than the atom and so on.


Form, as Kant suggests, was a property of the mind that was derived from experience, then is imposed by the individual on the material object. For him, space and time were the two forms of sensibility, for humans do not experience space and time.

Therefore as you walk in Sydney, the wall you see retaining a confined space, well it is much beyond that; it is just a form of something beyond /us, a higher reality that cannot be seen except in the form of the representation it presents itself through. Do you feel assured now that this wall is beyond what exists? If you are just replacing the wall with yourself and think over if you are something beyond yourself. Are you a form or perhaps a representation? 

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