Add Value To Your Bathroom With These Changes

A bathroom can add a lot of value to your home. It is a place of hygiene and freshness. Keeping it attractive and clutter-free can go a long way in improving your health. Introduce some improvements in your bathroom with these renovation ideas but make sure you consult an expert for the bathroom renovations in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

  • Hidden Toilet Tank

Toilet tanks are bulky and make the bathroom look boxed-in. Tanks hidden in the wall has many benefits and are especially good for smaller bathrooms. Also, make them low-flow since they help you save water every time you flush your toilet. You can have a hidden water storage vessel in any type of bathroom but is especially good for modern and contemporary bathrooms. However, routine maintenance can be really difficult since it is not easily accessible.

  • Use Small And Textured Tiles For Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floor should be given special consideration during bathroom renovations in the northern suburbs of Sydney. One wrong choice can make your bathroom a dangerous place for accidents. Small textured tiles will keep you from slipping due to extra grouting. Also, these are easy to clean and the grouts resist stains, mould and humidity. Ceramic and porcelain are good options. You can mix and match different colours and patterns of an outstanding visual impact.

  • Add Window To The Shower Section

Humidity that stays trapped in the bathroom is its biggest enemy. Natural ventilation works magic and you can do that by adding a window to your shower section. It will also keep your bathroom free of mildew and mould. Use the help of your contractor for the best option for the window.

  • Pay Attention To Lighting

There is usually minimal natural light that accesses the bathroom, hence lighting becomes vital to the bathroom. Change or add the lights in your bathroom during the bathroom renovations in the northern suburbs of Sydney. You can opt for soft dimmer lights for taking baths and set a proper light over your mirror for a better view for applying make-up, doing hair, shaving, etc.

  • A Recessed Medicine Cabinet Will Be A Good Addition

A recessed medicine cabinet above the vanity will give your bathroom a sleeker look along with adding more storage space. Also, it isn’t very expensive. A shallow medicine cabinet will give you a comfortable space to bend over the sink and use it.

  • Install Tub Only If You Will Use It

You don’t have to add the tub to your bathroom just because you should. If you don’t take baths, and showers work well for you, don’t put a tub. It will only clutter your bathroom. However, if you often indulge if leisure baths, by all means, install a tub in your bathroom. You can also have both the shower and the tub if you have a large bathroom. If you have two bathrooms, you can have a tub in one and shower in the other.

Renovating the bathroom is as important a job as renovating any part of the house. You must pay careful attention to every detail that can make it a better space and always get done the bathroom renovations in the northern suburbs of Sydney by consulting an expert.