B&D Roller Door Motor Can Safeguard Your Home Like Nothing Else!

A B&D roller door motor is a device attached to roller doors or shutters. As the name suggests, roller doors are a type of door operated on a motor and it consists of multiple horizontal slats joined together with each other with the help of a hinge system

Types of roller shutter doors:

Built-on roller shutter doors: These are the type of roller shutter doors that have a fixed roller shutter box it is fixed to the external part of the façade.

Built-in roller shutter doors: In these types of roller motors, roller shutter boxes are built into the lintel that is present above the window to make it accessible.

Integrated roller shutter: In these roller motors, roller shutters and windows are joined together like a single unit.

Tilting laths: These are roller shutters with a lath that can tilt.

Uses of a B&D roller motor:

Security from fire: The aluminium built roller shutters are great for houses or industries exposed to frequent fireworks. These roller shutters are easy to open in case of fire exposure. People trapped inside can open these shutters quickly to get out and firemen can also break in to rescue people stuck inside

Security from thieves and burglars: When it comes to the security of your home, there is absolutely no space for making mistakes. Having your personal belongings and valuables exposed to an intruder is a scary feeling and no one should ever go through it. Aluminum B&D roller door motors are appropriate for you if you are a frequent traveller and want to ensure that your home is well guarded in your absence. These roller shutters are extremely difficult to break into and any thief looking for random homes to break in would definitely try to choose the one with better access.

It is sound resistant: Does your child have a thing for bands and musicals? It must be tormenting to listen to loud music all through the day and therefore it is ideal that you soundproof your kid’s room or give them a basement and soundproof it. This way you support their talent as well as protect your peace of mind.

Heat resistant: Who would want to pay for electricity and still not make the most of it? Of course no one! Using air conditioners or heaters at home is not a hundred per cent effective as the heat can still pass out and will eventually lead to wastage of electricity.

The manner of operation of these B&D roller door motor is like any other door, it is raised to open and lowered to close it with the help of a motor. The size of a roller shutter varies greatly and huge doors operate in a motorized manner and accordingly the motor it operates on varies. B&D roller door motors are extremely beneficial in providing protection against wind, rain, and foreign object. These shutters are also an excellent anti-theft and anti-burglary setup and will save your home from any unfortunate outcome.