How to find the right air compressor?

Air compressor is a tiny magic tool that can help solve many of your problems. It is very versatile, especially when it comes to dealing with pneumatic tools. An electric air compressor produces enough power that lasts much longer, making it better than other power tools.

With such wide usage and versatility comes a whole lot of options available in the market. There are a plethora of air compressors of different types, capacities, grades and what not. So, amid all the confusion, how to find the right air compressors for sale in Australia that suits all your needs and requirements and makes your life easy?

Worry not, for we have a list for you to ease you with selecting an air compressor.

  1. Grades:

There are a few grades of compressors depending on the capacity and application. The first one is consumer grade, which is ideal for houses or small garage setups. Second grade is contractor one, which can be easily ported making is convenient for professionals. Lastly, the third grade is commercial air compressors which are suitable for heavy-duty work and can work multiple tools at a time.

  1. Usage:

The application or usage must be the first and foremost consideration while buying an electric air compressor. If you want a compact model which can be transported easily and has low capacity, Single stage air compressor will suit you. But if you need it for your garage, it must have a larger capacity; therefore, a Two-stage air compressor must be selected.

  1. Capacity:

It is essential to know the capacity of the air compressor, for it might create issues for you in the future. you can determine it by factors like Pounds per square inch, air delivery possible in cubic feet, horsepower and tank size.

  1. Compressor:

There are two types of compressors. The first is a Piston air compressor which is extensively used in the automotive service industry. They have a few drawbacks like low output, low air quality, more noise, and quick heating. Therefore, one must opt for a Rotary screw compressor. They are much more reliable, generates an air of better quality and requires less maintenance.

  1. Power source:

According to this basis, there are three major types of compressors. The most commonly used type is the electric air compressor. It is much quieter, can work on a power cut, has large capacity but cannot be transported. The second compressor is the one driven on petrol. This air compressor will be lighter, less expensive and have a controlled engine. Last is the diesel air compressor, which is sturdy, movable and can easily work in adverse weather conditions.

  1. Manufacturer:

What everyone needs from an air compressor is to be reliable and have a long life. That largely depends on the producing or supplying company. It will ensure the quality of materials used and help you keep your investment and your surroundings safe. Also, try to look for any hidden costs if you can. Be sure to check everything thoroughly before making the decision to buy.

So, start looking for the right air compressor in Australia or air compressor in Brisbane and enjoy the various benefits.