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    Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson is the author of 5 Novels. He is British, 42 years of age and was born in London, U.K.The need to raise money to pay for free-time activities inspired him to move into writing, with a plan to use the money gained from selling his book to set up activities designed to improve the self-esteem of his teens and make their dreams come true.

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  • Why It Is Essential To Have An Alkaline Ionizer

    Why It Is Essential To Have An Alkaline Ionizer0

    Drinking ionized water can positively benefit your health in numerous ways. An alkaline ionizer has been invented keeping in mind the growing health issues due to the poor quality of water that is but consumed by a majority of people. A reliable water ionizer such as the Alkal-Life 7000sL helps normalize the pH level of water

  • What Is Grout Haze Remover

    What Is Grout Haze Remover0

    Grout haze is left over semi white film on the surface of the floor or tiles after grouting is done. If you wipe the surface even with a sponge then too the haze remains and until you take any special measure the haze will not come out. Even if you clean the surface daily then